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Our Team

José Melícias

José was born in the wine, in a long family tradition. As a professional, he has been a consultant in viticulture in the most important regions of Portugal - Lisbon, Alentejo, Douro, Dão and Setúbal. He has a vast experience as a trainer in the areas of viticulture, fruit growing and crop health. Knowing and understanding wine and tourism markets are key factors for producing and promoting, so José is a regular participant in the most important fairs and events.

Diogo Pereira

Diogo is our oenologist. He was trained by UTAD (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro). Previously, he studied in Technical-Professional School of Rodo (Régua) in 1991. He has worked in the Douro, Lisboa, Setúbal and Alentejo regions in several projects with distinct dimensions and very different production philosophies, which, due to its enormous adaptability, has given him remarkable experience.

Jorge Tropper

Jorge is our man linking continents! A Brasilian management graduate with a long experience in university teaching, Jorge also knows several African markets and countries, where he developed many different investment projects. Living in Portugal in the last years makes him able to bring connections and knowledge to our business.

Pedro Cunha

Pedro is a very experienced technical advisor for several grape and wine producers. Based on Lisbon region, he has worked in every corner of Portugal - from Douro to Alentejo, from Lisbon to Azores Islands. He is our man on the fields!


Rua Principal, 23
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